About League Champion

We hold various game (league) competition and run the results.
Luxurious prizes will be given to those who ranked highly in our ranking.

We currently hold Pokémon GO Cup. We are going to add various games in the future.

About Pokémon GO Cup

We hold a wide variety of competition such as a Pokemon getting competition, gym battle competition and snap contest.
This competition is unofficial.

Copyright notation

©2016 Niantic, Inc.
©2016 Pokemon. ©1995-2016 Nintendo/Creatures Inc. /GAME FREAK inc.

The results of the competition

Checking no fraudulent means and the breach of rules are used, we’ll announce prize winners by SNS.
We give a prize winner the code of iTunes card or Google Play gift card by which you can purchase Pokecoins for each prize via Facebook Message.
If your country does not correspond to these cards, we will send the money which you can purchase Pokecoins for each prize with PayPal.
The Facebook accounts or Twitter accounts of those who won the prize will be posted on our website.

About the ranking

The ranking is to be updated every Monday.


The total points you got in all competition


The points you got in sports competition


The points you got in snap contests and by obtaining excellent live report prizes

* One Pokécoin is displayed as 1 point.

Contact us about the League Champion

Please contact us from the form.

Contact us about Pokémon GO Cup

We accept both Facebook Message and Twitter Message (DM).





The number of Twitter Messages (DM) we can send in a day is limited so we may not be able to respond to all the inquiries.
We recommend you to contact us by Facebook Message.

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